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Introducing Roundtrip’s new brand identity.

Today we want to officially introduce the new Roundtrip brand identity, as we start to refresh the brand everywhere. While our old logo will always be near and dear to us, we were ready for the change and we are excited to share it with you. Like everything else, our shared core values drive everything…

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Company Culture: Our Diversity & Inclusion Pledge

all hands in

RoundTrip Healthcare Transportation. Simplified. Diversity and Inclusion. Paramount. A brain teaser, especially for our finance-minded friends. If you took all your savings and/or retirement money and purchased all of the stock you could in one company, many advisors would agree that you’d be taking great risk with your money. That company could be the next…

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How Technology & Innovation Can Improve Medicaid Services

We just attended the National Association of Medicaid Directors Fall 2016 conference in Arlington, VA, and much of the discussion at the conference has shifted from the roll-out and initial implications of the Affordable Care Act to a focused understanding of ways to improve the delivery system and enact payment reform. A clearly voiced question:…

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